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Patients find it harder to access blood transfusions during nationwide lockdown

The Federation of Indian Blood Donor Organisations has added a video message on its website. In the video, Jitendra Kumar, the FIBDO treasurer, appeals to people to donate blood and promises to help them. “We will do the pre-donation counselling telephonically, and try to fix an appointment with the blood bank,” he says.

“There is a fear in everyone’s mind that going out may not be good for them,” Biswaroop Biswas, the general secretary of the FIBDO, told me. Biswas, who is based in Kolkata, said that the Kolkata police has decided to contribute 50 units of blood every day from among its ranks throughout April to tide over the shortfall. “Right now, West Bengal needs 1,100 units on average per day, whereas the normal demand is twenty times greater,” he said, adding that the priority should be ensuring that thalassemia patients, people on dialysis and pregnant women have access to blood transfusions. “I am worried about what will happen next month when the lockdown opens but blood supply is not back to normal levels.” (Full Article)