Federation of Indian Blood Donors Organisation – FIBDO

As fingers touch the keyboard and storm the black buttons, the roars of discussions, flash backs and flash bulbs all over, the demands of forming a National Platform of blood donor motivator organization, from the platform of ‘Global Congress of Youth Blood Donor Motivators” in Kolkata (Organised by LUCY) is heard in the backdrop. We dreamt of a better day for the blood donors and seekers along with the transfusion service. Thus emerged FIBDO – Federation of Indian Blood Donor Organisations. Many of us unknown that time became family in the passing years. Yes, it’s bit nostalgic. Yes, this is FIBDO-our family of blood brothers.

fibdo logo

Days passed we shared, involved in talks, spend hours brain storming .It took time, lots of energy, endless effort and finally in December 2012, we formed the National Executive. The year 2013 was eventful. We organised a good no. of blood donation camps, motivation programme, seminar, workshop, felicitation programmes throughout the country. As campaign and motivation programme tools like – walk for blood, street drama, magic shows, exhibition, sit-n-draw, quiz & ventriloquism were in practice. Tableaus hit the roads celebrating special observable days related to blood donation movement.

The journey which started with a handful of enthusiasts, only in mind that we have to unite for the blood donation movement of the country, to fight out the evils and odds, got momentum. We gathered and shared experience, as stone rolled and organizations started joining in. At this juncture we are 45.Confident enough that we will touch the half century mark just in few days.

FIBDO is the first and only national platform of voluntary non- remunerative blood donor organizations of INDIA.It is a place for sharing, learning and framing policies for blood science and blood donation. The goal of FIBDO is self-sufficiency of the member states in blood from voluntary, non remunerated blood donors. We welcome all serious voluntary blood donor organisations to join us and strengthen the blood donation movement of the country.

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